Like This 100 ml
LTS - Ingredient list


Ginger from Indonesia, Pumpkin, Tangerine, Immortal flower, Moroccan Neroli, Rose, Spicy notes, Vetiver, Woody notes, Musk, Heliotrope…

The search for happiness begins with your dreams. They can take you in many directions.
You might seek a place, a locale that seems to answer your questions.
Speak another language. Eat different foods. Smell exotic scents. Are you happy now?

Or you might seek a connection, a person, who seems to respond to your needs.
Someone to complete you, someone to cover you, someone to satisfy you.
Are you happy now? Maybe. Or maybe not.
Maybe you will only find yourself with more questions, more needs.
And the happiness is fleeting. So you turn back.

Home. Where you know the language, the food, the scents.
Home. Where you can be complete on your own.
Home. Where you can rest and make new dreams.
And how does this feel, to discover the happiness that was there all along?

Like this.