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Spicy, Woody

A designer drapes bodies — we drape skin. Une Amourette was created to do for you what an original, unique, exquisitely made dress can do. It is scented fashion.

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UNE AMOURETTE ( 100 ml - 150,00€ )


Is it a passing fancy, a momentary catching-of-the-eye, a brief encounter, or something else? Will it endure, will it last forever? Does it really matter? This is now, this is how you feel.

At Etat Libre d’Orange, we’ve always been intrigued by the relationship between fashion and fragrance. Associations and relationships between the two are common, and many fashion houses have developed perfumes that relate in some way to their brand. And some years ago, our creative director, Etienne de Swardt, had the opportunity to create this kind of connection for Etat Libre d’Orange.

There was an evening when a certain designer came to visit and discuss the possibility of a perfume that would reflect his collection. Etienne was definitely responsive, since we’ve had many excellent collaborative experiences. We worked with the Tom of Finland Foundation to create the eponymous perfume. We worked with Rossy de Palma on Eau de Protection, with Mx Vivian Justin Bond on The Afternoon of a Faun, and we teamed up with perfume critic Chandler Burr to develop You or Someone Like You. And we collaborated with the family of the Marquis de Sade to create Attaquer Le Soleil.

On that evening, Etienne and the designer talked fashion and fragrance and the possibility of creating a perfume for his brand. And since they were drinking champagne, incredibly brilliant ideas emerged from the discussion. We were all very excited.

In the days to come, when we were sober and realistic, we all realized that the time wasn’t right. But we never forgot that remarkable evening and the ideas that came out of it. And it was inevitable that the notion of fashion and perfume would stay with us. Like a fashion designer, we believe in a bold aesthetic, provocation, sensuality. We want our creations to enable clients to define themselves or become someone else. A designer drapes bodies — we drape skin. We use the same words: fusion, structure, magic, eroticism.

Une Amourette was created to do for you what an original, unique, exquisitely made dress can do. It is scented fashion.

— Etat Libre d’Orange


Une Amourette is a no-holds-barred fragrance. It is not for everybody. It’s divisive. It will corrupt the fragrance category with its subversive positioning. It’s a scent that makes and leaves its mark. It is worn first at the pulse point between the thighs. As she moves, walks, crosses her legs…the warmth and friction release an intoxicating burst of fragrance catching the attention of the most primitive sense: smell. Une Amourette transcends gender. It is neither feminine nor masculine but it connects with the innate desire to take control, to be unique… And when two bodies come together, the alchemy of skin on skin and scent on skin is unleashed, and the full power of the fragrance is revealed.

— The designer

Once I had met the designer, I began to imagine a very sophisticated and dark perfume, black and red. Patchouli and Indole are the backbones in this woody/animal floral. The head notes are brightly opened with Neroli, while Resinoide Iris, Akigalawood and Resinoide Incense form the foundation of this story.

— Daniela Andrier, parfumer


Top notes: Pink Peppercorn, Cardamom, Neroli
Heart notes: Peach, Iris, Patchouli
Base notes: Opoponax, Akigalawood®, Vanilla Absolute



The ingredients in Etat Libre d'Orange products are updated regularly. Before using an Etat Libre d'Orange product, please read the list of ingredients on its packaging to ensure that the ingredients are suitable for your personal use.

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