Etat Libre d'Orange - Antiheros 50 ml
Etat Libre d'Orange - Antiheros 50 ml
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  • Aromatic
  • woody

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Aromatic, Woody

« Take me as I am » seems to say this fake Mr Everybody.  


Discover this fragrance and the best of Etat Libre d'Orange collection through a self-composed discovery set of 4 x 2ml samples.



An anti-hero never lies about who he is, hence the seeming simplicity of this hedonistic and sun-drenched creation, entirely centred on lavender flower. This hero of everyday life fights very ordinary battles at work, when driving, at home without every taking anything too seriously. His innate modesty is extremely appealing and he knows it. He cultivates his imperfections with wit and with natural unconventional elegance. With his tousled hair and look, this somewhat unexpected superman catches the eye and still cannot believe it — that’s why we adore him.

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Top notes: Lavender
Heart notes: Cedarwood
Base notes: Musk

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